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  •  6" salt and pepper grinders-$75
  •  4" Salt and pepper grinders-$60
  • 10" salt and pepper grinders-$75-90
  • Salt and pepper grinders-$65
  •  Magnetic stamp holders-$25
  •  Sea Urchin Christmas ornaments with stand-$100
  •  Banksia Pod desk clocks-$50
  •  Pens-$40 Pens of ebony, bone, and pencils-$50 Pen set-$100 Letter openers-$25
  •  Camphor vessel-$100
  •  Cherry vessel 4.5"h x 7"w-$100
  •  Cherry Burl vessel 7"w x 4"h -$250
  •  Maple Burl bowl with natural edge 5" 1/4h x 5" 3/4w- $75
  •  Maple Burl natural edge 6" 1/4h x 4" 1/2w-$60
  •  Men shave brushes-$40 Shave sets-$150
  •  Women's blush brushes-$25
  •  Stainless steel wine stoppers-$25
  •  Cork wine stoppers-$12
  •  Christmas ornaments-$20-25
  •  Fan pulls-$20
  •  Bracelets-$20 Bracelets with turquoise-$30
  •  Watch necklaces-$30
  •  Necklace with 3 beads-$25 Individual bead-$2
  • Ambrosia maple vessel 8"h x 5" 3/4w-$75
  •  Walnut crouch platter with stand 18"-$350
  •  Key chains-$10
  •  Oil lamps-$40 Flower pods-$40 Banksia pod votives-$40
  •  Corn cob holders-$25 set
  • Maple platter with turquoise inlay 14" with stand-$150
  •  Maple,walnut, and mahogany lamp 32"h x 5" 1/2w-$400
  •  Assorted three legged stool 11" 1/2w x 18" 1/2h-$85 With turquoise-$100
  •  Blue Dragon fly platter-$200
  •  Red Dragon fly platter-$200
  • jquery slideshowWhite Dragon fly platter-$200
  • Give James "Red" Saunders a call if you would like to place an order
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If you would like to purchase any items simliar to those in this gallery, give us a call at 336-616-0844 or email customerservice@handmadebyred.com

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